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The BIG lifts ... how do you know you're ready to load?

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

We use bodyweight and small equipment at our studio, but some of you'd like to know ... "When am I ready to transition to the heavy weights?"

Great squat form on our student, above! He's ready to load...

We focus on mastering your bodyweight, or relative strength first. Our priority is to make sure you feel good now and will be able to continue your fitness journey for as many years as you like. If you stay healthy, you get to train tomorrow! As you move along in our classes, you'll be able to choose more challenging weights or levels of intensity.

Our personal training options are there to provide you with extra or personalized challenges when needed/desired. Athletes needing to refine foundational skills or return to play after injury can benefit from improving form and mobility with heavier weights in our studio as we transition them back to their strength and conditioning coaches at school or other sports performance facilities.

Our general rule is, "If you can put it down, you can pick it up." (And it should be done with good form, and you should also be able to balance and move fluidly in bodyweight lunges and single-leg movements too.)

When you're ready to move on to the big plates, we are happy to refer you to Force Fitness and Performance. Wil Fleming and his staff will transition you in a smart, effective manner.



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