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Mobility vs. Flexibility vs. Stability ... Sorting it all out!

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

What's the difference between mobility and flexibility, and why do you stretch?!?!? What does stability mean?

What are you stretching? And what are you strengthening? Before you get too deep into heavy weights or hot yoga, find out what it is that you are missing. The class formats you are drawn to are most likely the ones you are already good at.

Do you keep stretching your hamstrings without making gains? It's possible to obtain better mobility through good movement and scientific methods rather than mindless stretching.

By working in alignment with focus on bodyweight first, you'll quickly notice where you can improve, and then you'll excel at ALL your favorites.

A word on stability from one of my mentors...

“Stability is not not-moving. It is moving with control. Always work mobility before strength.”
~Jason Glass, Titleist Performance Institute

Jason is full of wisdom (and humor ... check out his podcast)! Loading a strong but misaligned body creates more compensation and likelihood of injury. Get the movement right first, build integrity, and then get strong!


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