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Bloomington Body Bar is a MIND.BODY.TRAIN™ studio with dynamic fitness classes based in timeless principles of mind body methods. Our mission is to provide the residents of Bloomington and students of Indiana University with classes that bring the body back to where it is meant to be so that they may perform at the highest level in everything that they do.

            GROUP CLASSES


We offer small group training classes, with a typical class size of 8-12 students for effective teaching and learning. All of our classes are multi-level, providing adjustments or challenges as needed, but you should expect to be asked to "get up and get down!" Bring a friend! We rely on the power of word of mouth marketing as a local business, and everyone's First Week is FREE! Try out all of our offerings, and then enjoy your first month of Unlimited Classes for just $99. See desk for details at the end of your first free week!



Bloomington Body Bar has several certified personal trainers ready to help you with specific needs! Check wtih Jill Rensink, Jen Bratton, Gayle Earle, and Cara McGowan or our desk staff at info@bloomingtonbodybar.com to schedule a consultation. We have a fully-equipped functional training studio, available during all business hours, except those hours when rowing classes are being held (typically three times per day).

Pricing varies, depending on services and frequency of visits. Contact us for more info!

            MIND BODY TRAIN™ 


Suzy Yeagley is a Licensed Manual Therapist, Pilates Teacher, and Certified Functional Strength Coach. Please contact us at info@bloomingtonbodybar.com for information on movement coaching, high performance system design, and private Pilates. Please provide a brief description of your goals and schedule availability (early AM, mid-morning, afternoon, or evening), as well as days of the week. More information coming soon on our additional website, www.mindbodytrain.com!


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